Greetings virtualization experts and IT geeks! My name is Bohmer Wiebe and this is my Hyper-V blog. I live in Schlepzig, Germany where I have graduated from the German University of Technology in Oman. What else? I currently work as a virtualization consultant and I’m a huge fan of Microsoft virtualization technologies, well, obviously. As to my skills, I know Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Active Directory, SCCM, and all that stuff inside out.
So, why have I started this blog? As you probably know, you can’t always find what you need in product specifications or technical guides and it’s really great when there is someone sharing experience on various issues. What is more, there are many hidden tricks in solutions you think you already know. In this blog, I’ll share some useful information on various virtualization solutions, tell you different hints for working with Microsoft Hyper-V, AD, Microsoft SQL Server, etc., and provide advice on troubleshooting issues I’ve personally dealt with. Hope you’ll find my posts both interesting and handy. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re starting!

Hello there! My name is Dmitriy Dolgiy, and I’m a co-author of this blog from now on. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine, Institute of Applied System Analysis. I did some machine learning for my Master’s thesis as I believe it to be a really cool thing (you see, I’m a huge fan of science fiction).
However, after university, I made my living doing some boring things. I used to work in banks for a while, but I don’t like office routines after all. Furthermore, in the modern world, banking institutions are sometime things and you never know when 2008 will happen again. So, taken all the pros and cons of working in an office, I decided to earn my living through freelancing and doing storage consulting services for a fitness club network. Well, at least, I do not have to commute to my workplace for an hour or so. And one more benefit: I had enough time to work out my triceps well.
Working at banks, I had a chance to know Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory, Microsoft Server, and Hyper-V inside out.
Why did I start blogging at all? I’m a huge fan of Microsoft virtualization technologies. So, when I got to know Bohmer and read his blog, I’ve decided to help this guy.
Apart from that, I was dealing with both hardware and software, and I do not want you guys to repeat the mistakes I did at the dawn of my sysadmin career. Working at a bank, you realize how much your mistake may cost to the company. Some stuff I learned through reading, whilst other I learned through breaking things and fixing them so that my boss won’t fire me. So, that’s why I decided to share my knowledge and experience with fellow admins and IT geeks.